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What a spectacular landscape. I love the trees teaching us that often (if not always) we have to learn to bend with the wind rather than resist it in order to grow strong - even if our lives are shaped in ways we never imagined. The outcome will be spectacular!

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Wow! Whitbarrow wonderfully described Andrew, and definitely a place I would like to adventure to👍

And Emma, I remember when you pointed out the bog myrtle to us last year. It has such a lovely pungent smell and after years of knowing about its properties of fending off midges (and I think mosquitoes) I finally got to see it! And if the balm works.............🙌💚

Again, always a joy to read about your week up north☺️

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Oooh I'm not sure I've ever paid any attention to bog myrtle. I'll tell my mum too keep an eye out up on Dumfries. Would love to try and make some insect repelling balm.

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